What is Blind Computing?

This website is the hub of content for blind and visually impaired users that use a computer. We will cover as much as we can, from blind/vi devices, to the latest operating systems, down to accessible tools, programs and web sites that contributors have found useful.

Blind computing was started out of the demise of braillenoteusers.info, a site that I used a lot and found very helpfull. It aims to reconstruct the library of braillenote content on that site, however, we plan to cover a much broader scope of topics that are not necessarily related to the braille note.

how to contribute

Please see the contributing page for more information.

Note on Browser Support

If you’re on Linux or Windows, we recommend you view this site in mozilla firefox, found at the firefox download page. Other browsers might work, but in general, firefox is more accessible anyway.

On a mac or iOS device, the built-in Safari browser seems to work fine as well. Chrome appears to be the second choice.

Latest News

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