Blind Computing is Currently Unavailable

Wait, I can explain!

I'm learning more and more about web development with every passing day and have once again decided to rewrite this website. This is the biggest, most ambitious project I have ever started and I have no intension of stopping. But that means I want this project to have the best of what I can create in it (I want its code quality, architecture, design and feature set to be second to none).

So, I'm rewriting the site in Laravel in order to achieve this. If you are a web developer who knows any amount of PHP and is willing to learn or already knows Laravel, I encourage you to participate in helping me make this the best website it can possibly be. If so, hop on over to the Github repo and clone the laravel-rewrite branch.

git clone <dir> --branch=laravel-rewrite

You can also check out to get a preview of the new site, although its very incomplete and I would appreciate it if nobody tries to break it right now.

Hope to see you back here once the rewrite is finished!