Apple (macOS / iOS)

Apple is well-known in the blind / VI tech community for providing excellent assistive technologies, baked right in to all of their products. Some love them for their ease of use, workflow and even bundled apps like iLife; others criticise Apple products as being locked down and tightly integrated with Apple’s ecosystem.

This page covers topics relating to the accessibility of Apple’s various operating systems, from macOS, to iOS and its associated systems (iPad OS, tvOS, watchOS, etc).

Using the New Navigation Gestures in iOS 12 With VoiceOver

With iOS 12 came a new way to navigate the operating system’s interface with VoiceOver on the iPad. This video explains the new gestures and how to use them.

MacOS 10.12 Sierra Accessibility Review

Lots of blind and visually impaired people already know that apple has been designing their products with amazing accessibility built right in, ever since 2005 when mac os 10.4 tiger was released and the feature set has continued to grow over the years. But for those who aren’t up to speed, or who are looking to buy a mac but not sure if they can justify the extortionate price tag, this video will show you the main accessibility features of macOS I use and why I prefer Apple’s VoiceOver screenreader over any other.